Oliver Roick

I build software that helps people to collect, manage and share geographic information over the Web. I work at Cadasta Foundation.

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Testing Django — Lessons Learned

I recently had the honor to work on a major refactoring of Cadasta’s test code. The goal was to make the test code more consistent and easier to write. One result of this work was a small test framework, which I’m going to write about some other time; another was a bunch of notes that I’m going to summarize in this post.

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Projects I contributed to


Cadasta platform is a set of tools collect, manage and store on land and property rights on the web.


GeoKey is a platform for participatory mapping. I developed GeoKey during my time at UCL ExCiteS, who have taken over development since my departure in October 2013.


Leaflet.Deflate is a plugin for the web mapping library Leaflet that converts features in low zoom levels to markers if they become too small to be visible and vice versa.

Other projects & experiments