Oliver Roick

I build software that helps people to collect, manage and share geographic information over the Web. I work at Cadasta Foundation.




GeoKey is a platform for participatory mapping. GeoKey provides local communities with a web-based infrastructure to collect, share and discuss local knowledge. You can use it to setup your own mapping project with your community and to collect, visualise and analyse data using the tools of your choice.


OSMatrix visualizes characteristics of OpenStreetMap, which are usually not displayed in cartographic representations of the data. The characteristics include information on the topicality of data, user contributions and the presence (or absence) of certain feature types. These characteristics enforce understanding of data quality and activities in the community as well as their evolution over time.

OSMatrix is currently not available.


OpenRouteService is an online route planning application that is solely based on open-source software, open standards and open data. I was involved with the re-design and re-implemention of client-side components.


The Lightmap visualizes the world-wide distribution of street lamps as they are available in OpenStreetMap.

Where do you go?

As a result of some experiments I did with the Foursquare API, I implemented a litte web application that visualizes your Foursquare check-ins and allows to filter for venue categories, day or hour of check-in.