Oliver Roick

I build software that puts people on the map. I work at Cadasta Foundation. Most of my work is available on GitHub.


Lambda Error Logging with Sentry

Every unhandled exception is a bug in your software. Things will go wrong in your Lambda function, and you want to know about it. AWS provides extensive logging for Lambda functions via Cloudwatch Logs, but it is a cumbersome job to sift through all the logs, identify the exceptions and group similar errors for a bug report. Sentry makes this job easier. Setting up Sentry error logging for a Lambda function is not as straightforward as, say, using a Django middleware. This post explores how we have set up error logging with Sentry for a JavaScript Lambda handler.

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Selected Work


Cadasta platform is a set of tools collect, manage and store on land and property rights on the web.


GeoKey is a platform for participatory mapping. I developed GeoKey during my time at UCL ExCiteS, who have taken over development since my departure in October 2015.


Leaflet.Deflate is a plugin for the web mapping library Leaflet that converts features in low zoom levels to markers if they become too small to be visible and vice versa.

Django Skivvy

Django Skivvy is a helper library that helps you write faster integration tests for Django views with less code.

Other projects & experiments